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Choose Granny's Toilet Detailing for a transformative cleaning experience that goes beyond the surface, creating a clean, healthy, and environmentally conscious restroom environment. Experience the Granny's difference, where industry steam cleaning sets the standard for excellence.

Our Specialized Cleaning

Our Specialized Cleaning

Thorough Surface Cleaning

Our industry steam cleaners effectively clean and sanitize various surfaces, including …
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Grout and Tile Revitalization

Say goodbye to dirt and mold. Our steam cleaning penetrates deep into grout and tiles, …
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Germ and Bacteria Elimination

The high temperatures of our steam cleaners eradicate germs and bacteria, creating a …
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Odor Neutralization

Unpleasant odors are neutralized as steam tackles odor-causing bacteria, ensuring a …
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Toilet Bowl Disinfection

Our steam cleaners are employed to thoroughly disinfect toilet bowls, targeting bacteria …
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Environmentally Friendly Practices

Our use of industry steam cleaners aligns with eco-friendly principles, requiring …
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The statement that best represents my facility’s restroom cleanliness is:

1: Stains, residue, terrible odor, wall mildew, dirty grout and baseboards

2: Visible stains and dirt, noticeable odor

3: Moderately clean with some minor stains and residue

4: Mostly clean with minor issues, touchable surface

5: Spotless, pristine, neutral odor and perfectly clean

Congratulations if your facility’s restroom scores a 5 or 4.

For facilities not yet at a level 4 or 5, contact Granny’s for help