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About Granny's

Laura Jenkins, CEO and President


Laura is the entrepreneurial force behind Granny’s Toilet Detailing, LLC, a trailblazer in the niche market of commercial restroom sanitation. Since 2020, our journey began with a mobile vehicle detailing business. Inspired by the realization that we already possessed the necessary equipment, we ventured into toilet detailing.

We christened our business "Granny," in honor of my mother, whose unparalleled work ethic and commitment to thorough cleaning greatly inspired us. Our logo proudly displays a pencil illustration of her.

My parents, lovingly referred to as Granny and Papa, were married over fifty years. My father, a valiant World War II veteran, devoted his time to managing a modest piece of land and raising cattle. Their stories and values deeply influence our business philosophy.

Inheriting Granny's rigorous standards of cleanliness, we specialize in the meticulous detailing of toilets. Our services primarily cater to gas stations, small eateries, coffee shops, economical supermarkets, and discount retail stores that often operate without a dedicated cleaning crew.

We aim to leave a lasting positive impact, ensuring that the restrooms for your valued customers and employees are not just clean but also welcoming. Choose Granny's, where excellence in cleanliness is not just a goal but a standard.


Laura's venture into the world of business ownership is underscored by a robust educational foundation, including a B.S. from Oklahoma State University and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Laura’s corporate tenure was marked by a series of successes in diverse industries such as oil, railroad, and telecommunications. Known for her strategic sourcing and adult learning expertise, she has been instrumental in driving cost savings, enhancing process efficiencies, and leading supplier diversity initiatives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura’s dedication to service shines through her active participation in community and civic organizations. She’s been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ft. Worth, a member of the Urban League Black Executive Exchange Program and contributed to local chambers of commerce. Her leadership and commitment extend to her involvement with the Redbird Composite Civil Air Patrol Squadron, where she engaged in developing the next generation of civic leaders.

For a complimentary estimate, reach out to us at (817) 527-7127. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and uphold the legacy of dedication and cleanliness that Granny stood for.

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The statement that best represents my facility’s restroom cleanliness is:

1: Stains, residue, terrible odor, wall mildew, dirty grout and baseboards

2: Visible stains and dirt, noticeable odor

3: Moderately clean with some minor stains and residue

4: Mostly clean with minor issues, touchable surface

5: Spotless, pristine, neutral odor and perfectly clean

Congratulations if your facility’s restroom scores a 5 or 4.

For facilities not yet at a level 4 or 5, contact Granny’s for help